I have been continuously developing my art in both painting and sculpture for the past 35 years. I began painting with oils at age eleven. I received formal training in both high school and college. In 1976 I graduated from the University of Wyoming with an MFA degree. While at the University, I explored modular grid systems and several other kinds of design theory. Most of these works had pictorial elements as well as coupling various kinds of metaphor.

I have been drawn to the challenges of pictorial realism for the past 14 years, and feel that the great strength of the realistic tradition is its ability to endure. The effort in my painting is devoted to accurately capturing the heart and mood of the subject and making it accessible to the viewer.

I work primarily in acrylics, but I also work in watercolor. With the development of acrylics, I can accomplish in a short time what might have taken months in oils. Throughout most of my recent work, I have used heavily built-up and textured areas as well as many layers of glazed color. These techniques help provide the illusion of light and shadow. Working directly from nature, as when I am painting on location, permits me to gain an intimate understanding of my subject. While observing the colors, shapes, and ever-changing light, I interpret firsthand many of the qualities that give vitality to sensory experience. Acrylics allow me to capture the moment and then move on.

I was born in northwestern Wyoming and moved back to the area with my wife, Janet, in 1986, to live and to paint. Some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes anywhere are within this area. From the great amount of time I have spent out-of-doors, I have gained much inspiration, not only in my painting, but in my stone carvings and welded-steel sculpture. As an artist, I feel a direct connection to the mysteries of light playing off shapes and forms, as well as the responsibility to express these harmonious elements.

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November on Alkali Creek
Autumn under Mt. Sopris
Bachelor's Cabin
Willwood Bridge
Can Land
Diving the Blue Hole
Morning in the Pasture
Morning by the Pond
November Tracks
Pumpkins & Corn Stalks
Ralston View
Winter Robins
Scottish Peaks
Evening Showers
Square Top Mountain
Still Life with Shells
Evening Thunderstorm
Devils Canyon in December
The Cleaver in Winter
October Gold: Shoshone River
Dark Hollow Falls—
Shenandoah National Park

White Barn West of Lovell
Larch in Winter
Canyon Creek Morning
Pryor Mountains with Cowley
Gypsum Springs in Winter
Lake Helen and Cloud Peak

Early Spring on
Medicine Lodge Creek

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